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GrAL is a generic library for grid (or mesh) data structures and algorithms operating on them. It has been inspired by the success of the STL, and is similar in spirit to BGL and (though to a lesser extent) to CGAL. As you might guess, GrAL is written in C++.

GrAL was initially developed with applications for numerical PDE (partial differential equations) solution in mind. However, the underlying mathematical structure of abstract cellular complexes is very general and almost ubiquitous. So, possible application areas for GrAL include computational geometry and topology, geometric modeling, computer graphics, or geographic information systems.



GrAL has been conceived and developed by Guntram Berti. In 2005, Roman Putanowicz joined as developer.


Download and Terms of Use

GrAL is open source . GrAL is available free of charge, its use is subject to this license (MIT license).

To get it from GitHub, there are different options:

  1. Using Git: Just clone the repository, using the command git clone
  2. Using subversion: To checkout the code, follow the instructions for using svn on GitHub, using the following repository URL:
  3. Download a snapshot of the current repository from

Contact and Communication

For inquiries concerning GrAL, contact Guntram Berti

Some Papers on GrAL

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