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Cell-On-Cell Iterator Concept


A Cell-On-Cell Iterator refines the concept of Grid Incidence Iterator . (Strictly speaking, it is not an incidence iterator, but an adjacency iterator, because two cells cannot be incident). It allows to access all cells adjacent to a given cell.

Refinement of

Incidence Iterator


C is a model of Cell-On-Cell Iterator
c is an object of type C
c1, c2 are objects of type C::Cell

Associated types

The types C::element_type and C::anchor_type can now be named more specifically. The names from the incidence iterator concept remain valid.


Expression Description
Cell type C::Cell synomym to C::element_type
Anchor type C::anchor_type synonym to C::Cell,

model of Cell Grid Range

Valid Expressions


Expression Type requirements return type
anchor cell c.TheCell();   C::Cell const&

Expression semantics


Expression Precondition Semantics Postcondition
anchor cell Cell c1 = c.TheCell(); c is not singular get the anchor of c c1 is a valid cell;

c1 == c.TheCell()


Complex2D::CellOnCellIterator defined in cell-on-cell2d-it.h.

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Guntram Berti

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