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Vertex Grid Geometry Concept


The Vertex Grid Geometry concept is the weakest grid geometry concept. It simply provides a mapping from grid vertices to points in some space.

The Mutable Vertex Grid Geometry concept allows in addition the assignment of vertex coordinates.

Refinement of

Geo is a type which is a model of Vertex Grid Geometry
g is an object of type Geo
v, v1, v2 are objects of a type V which is a model of Grid Vertex.
q is an object of Geo::coord_type

Associated types


Expression Description
grid type Geo::grid_type underlying grid type, model of Vertex Grid Range.
point type Geo::coord_type the geometric point type, representation of the elements of the topological space where the geometry lives

model of STL Assignable.

Valid Expressions

Name Expression Type requirements return type
get vertex coordinates q = g.coord(v) coord_type const&
set vertex coordinates g.coord(v) = q Geo is mutable coord_type &

Expression semantics


Expression Precondition Semantics Postcondition
coordinate read access q = g.coord(v) v is valid if v1 == v2 then g.coord(v1) is the same asX g.coord(v2)
coordinate write access g.coord(v) = q v is valid set the coordinate of v to q g.coord(v) is equal to q


Volume Grid Geometry



  1. In general, the type Geo::coord_type will not be a model of STL Equality Comparable, because this is normally not useful for floating point values.
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