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Index of the GrAL Complex3D Grid Package

This module contains the concrete grid component Complex3D. An object of type Complex3D can represent a general three-dimensional grid with arbitrary polytopes as cells.

Complex3D stores only cell-vertex incidences. It supports vertex, edge, facet, cell types and the corresponding sequence iterators, as well as cell-based incidence iteration, and vertex-on-facet iteration. Edge and facet sequence iterators are fat iterators which maintain an internal table of already visited elements.

For each cell, an index to a 2D archetype of the cell's surface grid is stored. archetype technique accounts for a economic storage of grids with different cell types. It is also the key for implementing generic grid copy operations. See also the ArchetypedGrid concept.

Start browsing in the Components for Complex3D module. A convenience header including all functionality is Gral/Grids/Complex3D/all.h.

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